GrizzyLove Conscious Wears


My name is GRIZZY, owner and creative director of GRIZZYLOVE Conscious Wears.

I started GRIZZYLOVE in 2011, after learning the trade of eco-friendly silk screening. I began pouring my heart, soul, and creative energy into unique designs geared towards the enhancement of collective consciousness. I have been blessed to be able to use this medium of wearable art as a form of expression and a means to share my creative passion... ​​what a BLESSING it is to create for you! ​

At Grizzylove, we take pride in preserving the artisanal quality of our products. All art is designed by me and every item is silk-screened by hand. We promote sustainability and eco-consciousness in our production; from the water-based inks used in our silk-screening process to the reusing & recycling of production materials whenever possible.

I find nature, love, yoga, spirituality, and universal synchronicities to be endless wells of creative inspiration. My purpose is to spread the message of love & light one creation at a time. If you are inspired by uplifting, hand-crafted products and enjoy supporting small business... WELCOME HOME!

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